March 9, 2008

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Gluten Free Statement

My friend Marla forwarded the following email from "Five Guys" to me.  If you have children with gluten sensitivity problems, Five Guys is a good place to take them.  The place is made for messy eaters, and those who love food fights. They provide free peanuts and the shells can be tossed on the ground, something I think every person who eats there does. The last time I went to a "Five Guys" restaurant, was in Athens, Georgia, and the ground was completely covered with shells.

I don't know how many of you have looked for hotdogs that do not contain gluten, but it's not easy.  It's a good thing to know that this place has gluten free hotdogs, for all of us who get a craving for them from time to time.  Well, I'll stop rambling and share with you what was shared with me. Thanks Marla!

"Thank you for writing in to Five Guys. The only thing on our menu that contains gluten and dairy is our bread.

Our beef is just 80% lean ground beef with nothing added.

Our hotdogs are hebrew national brand.

Our fries are just potatoes, soaked in water, and then cooked in 100% peanut oil. Nothing else is fried in this oil.

We also offer Heinz ketchup which does not contain gluten.

Our bread does contain eggs, soy, dairy and gluten.

Our bread is toasted, but usually on a separate grill. However, there is always a chance for cross contamination, so please be cautious. We do, however, have many people with Celiac Disease tell us that they can eat at Five Guys.  If you are interested in nutritional information, please visit our website and click on the menu section.

I hope this information was helpful.

Thank you for your interest in Five Guys."

Here's the link to their webpage: Five Guys

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