January 14, 2012

Philadelphia's Gluten Free Bread Paradise - Tote Gluten Free Bakery & Store

I was recently playing tour guide with my visiting mom.  We were enjoying the brisk weather as we wandered in and out of the small delicatessens, butchers, spice dealers and cafes that line 9th street in  Philadelphia's Italian Market. As we were nearly about half-way through our walking loop I noticed a sign at a place called "Tote" (pronounced "totay") that stated "Gluten Free Bread." I walked in and noticed a table loaded with samples of baked goodies.  I asked the proprietor if I could see his gluten free breads, to which he replied, "everything here is gluten free!"  Talk about music to my ears!  I  immediately turned around and headed straight back to the sample table to sample absolutely everything... all really good!

Before leaving I asked a lot of questions and left giddy with a freshly baked loaf of Quinoa bread, a crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside baguette, and a beautifully bronzed role.  On the way back to our car I found myself in bready bliss as I tore bite-sized chunks of buttery, rosemary kissed GF baguette goodness! Yum:)

Seriously, you have to check this place out.  The breads are so good!  And there's a lot more than just bread to choose from. The owner/baker has Celiac Disease himself, so he makes sure everything he does is strictly GF-certified.  I found it completely worth the cheddar at about $8 a loaf, and $3.50 a baguette. Store bought GF bread, which costs nearly the same, doesn't hold a candle to the quality you get at Tote!  The place has only been around less than a month so far, so support it in order to make sure it's here to stay.

Here's the Website: totebakery.com

1024 South 9th Street
Open Tuesday - Sunday
10am - 6pm


Just So You Know...

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