February 18, 2011

Gluten Free Banana Walnut Pancakes at Atiya Ola's Philadelphia!

I started out my day with a very special treat!  My good friend Brianna told me a few weeks back about a little place near her apartment in West Philadelphia that offered gluten free pancakes at any time of the day.  The little restaurant is called Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, and specializes in vegan, vegetarian, raw and organic foods.  They also offer blueberry, banana walnut, and fried apple gluten free pancakes!!

It has been over 5 years since I've ordered pancakes for breakfast, and I am so glad the drought has ended:)  I love going to diners for breakfast, but am always jealous when I see people enjoying their steaming stacks of flapjacks, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with dollops of melting butter:)~

Atiya Ola's is a small and personable place with a lot of character.  It's located on Baltimore Ave, a handful of blocks away from the Green Line Cafe.  When my plate of banana walnut pancakes were placed before me I experienced a moment of zen.  Brianna and I were told that the GF pancakes were thin, but the flapjacks on my plate were far from thin... they were thick, dense and absolutely yummy!!  Atiya Ola's did not have any maple syrup on hand, but they did have bottles of agave nectar on each table, which actually turned out to be a great substitute.  However, next time, I'm bringing some of my Aunt Vicky's homemade maple syrup:)

For those of you who can't remember the last time they ordered pancakes, you have to visit Atiya Ola's!  I'll be back for sure!!

Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods
4505 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia PA 19143


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