June 12, 2012

Green's GF Beer at UNO Chicago Grill!

As if being able to order a delicious gluten free pizza from UNO Chicago Grill wasn't enough, now you get to enjoy your pizza with a tall bottle of Green's Gluten Free Beer!  Mindy and I recently visited UNO to enjoy some pizza after a long day-hike at Ridley State Park outside of Philadelphia PA.  After ordering a pepperoni and cheese gluten free pizza, I asked what their GF beer option was; to which they replied: Redbridge and Green's.  I couldn't believe I was given options, and happily ordered the Green's Dubbel Dark Ale.  Pizza and dark beer... I was in heaven:)

I also found a link to all of UNO's GF options.
Check it out here: http://www.unos.com/nutrition.php

The on-line menu only lists Redbridge for GF beer, so I suspect that different locations offer different GF beer options.  Regardless, this is just another promising sign that living GF will continue to get easier!

Here's the location that had Green's Dubbel Dark Ale:

UNO Chicago Grill
3910 West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Fax: 610-353-8661

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