August 21, 2010

Gluten Free Beer Review: Estrella Damm "Daura" and Sprecher "Mbege"

Wow!!! That's the first word in my mind after taking my first swig of Estrella Damm Daura, a gluten free beer from Barcelona Spain.  To this day, I've never tasted a gluten free beer as good as Daura. In fact, I'd have to say that Daura is one of the best tasting light beers I've ever had, gluten free or not!  I made our friend Mary, a true beer connoisseur, try it without telling her it was gluten free and she thought it tasted great as well.

I purchased it at the Foodery in Philadelphia on 2nd and Poplar.  Something I'm really excited about is the fact that the Foodery now serves sandwiches with freshly baked gluten free bread on a daily basis for just $1.50 extra.  Unfortunately the deli was closed when I visited Thursday night, but I plan to take a trip back soon to enjoy my first GF sandwich from a deli ever!  I can't wait!

Here's the website to: Estrella Damm Daura.   You have to try this beer! It's AWESOME!!

The second beer I want to talk about a bit is called MBEGE from Sprecher.  The description on the Sprecher Beer Website is: "Bananas are the main ingredient in mbege style beers popular in Eastern Africa. In keeping with tradition, this is brewed with real bananas and presented unfiltered. Light hints of banana remain present in the aroma and flavor of the unique offering."

I did a little research and I found that Mbege is one of the typical cauldron fired brews endemic to Tanzania in Eastern Africa, where it plays an vital role in rituals, business and pleasure.  Mbege is often found at weddings, funerals and other social gatherings, and is a cash product that supplements many family incomes.  At times, Mbege is used as another form of currency.

This beer is really tasty.  It does have a banana taste to it, but it's not too strong.  It's also a dark brew; something I favor, and goes down a bit too smoothly at times:)

Here's the website for Sprecher's Beers.

The gluten free beer options are increasing and improving all the time!  Thank goodness!!!  It's great that as time moves on, and awareness grows, this celiac thing feels much less like a curse than it used to.


NJ said...

Thanks! I've been trying out GF beers myself! Hard to find in my area, though. But I don't give up!

djayusevlademir said...

.. the first time someone asked me about GF beers, I never knew there are one and it's difference to the usual beer.. but after reading your blog, it made me understand now.. thanks Travis for the information..

elle said...

Can you still get this in Phila anywhere? Have been trying to find it closer to me and no luck at all!

Trav's Gone Gluten Free! said...

Yes, you can get Estrella at The Foodery on 2nd and Poplar:) Before I left for China I stopped by The Foodery for a gluten free sandwich and a couple Estrellas!


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