November 26, 2009

DC Flashback: Hello Cupcake!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sitting among family in Chicago. The TV has football playing. People are lounging around, playing hand-held video games, passing around the newest edition to the family, Vincent, who is only two months old. Soon the feast will begin, but it's now the calm before the gastronomic storm.

I thought... what better a time to write about my most recent trip to Washington DC?! Mindy attended an International Affairs Conference two weeks ago. Being that it was only a few hours drive away, I decided to tag along. We stayed in Georgetown, which is full of great coffee shops, restaurants, sites to see, and things to do.

While she attended workshops I wandered our area, scoping out our evening-time options. Whenever I came across a sweet coffee shop, I stopped in and did some of my school work. It was like a little work-vacation. I actually got a lot of work done, plus I was able to satiate my wanderlust and get some partying in:) Mindy and I found a great piano bar, and the Piano Man even dedicated a song to us! It was a little embarrassing, but completely awesome at the same time.

One night we had dinner at a place called Zed's. Zed's serves Ethiopian cuisine, most of which comes wrapped in glutenous bread. However, the staff knew about Celiac Disease and served my dishes with rice and beans instead. The food, overall, was delicious, but the lentils were out of this world!

But the absolute #1 foody find of the weekend was HELLO CUPCAKE. Hello Cupcake is a little bakery dedicated to scrumptious mini-cakes topped with a mountain of icing. And the best part of all... they serve Gluten Free Cupcakes!!! At $3.00 a cupcake, it's a bit expensive, but after just one bite I was in love! The best GF baked goods I've had thus far!

From what I've read on the internet, the GF cupcakes sell out fast, so if you are in an area with a Hello Cupcake, get in there early and treat yourself. You'll be glad you did:)

Well, I think the bird is about done. I'm off to feast!!!

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