July 25, 2008

GF Restaurant Review: The Big Easy Saloon

My close friend Dana found this little gem.  She and I are both fans of jazz music.  Since I organized our last jazz outing, it was her turn to do the research.  The Big Easy Saloon is located at 128 Paoli Pike, PA 19301.  Besides offering great food, The Big Easy has live music every night of the week.  Monday nights are hosted by the Dueling Pianos, followed by free live jazz every night, and a brunch-time show on Sunday.  Dana had called days ahead and reserved us a table closest to the musicians.  The band consisted of 4 individuals: Bassist, Saxophone, Drums, and Lead Guitar.  The lead guitarist also covered vocals, while his brother (the bassist) occasionally provided back up.  They played some original pieces, a few classic jazz ensembles, and a lot of motown and smooth pop.  I was tapping my feet and playing back-up drums on the table the whole time.

Being that it was my first time at The Big Easy, I had no idea what I could or couldn't eat.  I chose a few possibilities, with Jambalaya at the top of the list and talked with your server.  She came back and let me know that most menu items could be made GF within reason, and that the Jambalaya was gluten free.  I ordered the smaller portion of the Chicken Jambalaya ($10.99). The server assured me that it was plenty enough food to fill up on.  She wasn't lying. After the first big bite, I sat there slightly dazed, staring off through the wall in front of me, my mind trying to make sense of the countless tastebuds being stimulated.  The jambalaya was perfect! It had just the right combination of spices and ingredients.  Although I wanted to save some to savor later, I couldn't stop eating till my plate was completely clean.  I actually had to stop myself from licking the plate!  This place is definitely a hidden gem, th
e food is great and you can tell that attention is payed to "presentation," the music is free, and the staff are understanding of people with gluten issues. If you are in the area, you need to check The Big Easy out!  

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