August 9, 2011

Product Review: King Arthur's Gluten Free Pancake Mix

A few weekends ago Mindy and I spent the night at our friends, Joy and Jason's house.  When we arrived, Jason began to show off all the gluten free goodies he purchased in preparation for our visit (what a good friend!!).  Over the years I have tested out a variety of gluten free pancake mixes.  Some of my favorites have been Bob's Red Mill, Pamela's, and Trader Joe's GF pancake mixes.  However, Jason had picked up a box of King Arthur's Gluten Free Pancake Mix, and when I took my first bite on the morning after our sleep-over, I fell in love! 

King Arthur's GF Pancake mix, by far, makes the moistest, fluffiest, most delicious GF pancakes I've had thus far.  Both Joy and Jason, neither of whom have Celiac Disease, thought they were excellent and couldn't tell that they were gluten free.  I decided to top mine with blueberry and peach preserves, and add a side of bacon.  It was pure breakfasty heaven! 

Jason purchased the mix at his local natural food store, but I'm sure you can find this mix at Whole Foods, Wegmans, or if you'd like, check out their website and order directly.  You'll love these!

Click Here: King Arthur's Gluten Free Pancake Mix


Susie Rosso Wolf said...

Love your site! Just stumbled upon it by accident. I have had celiac disease for several years but was only diagnosed in 2009. Since then I've discovered the wonderful world of gluten free cooking (thank goodness I'm a fabulous cook and create lots of incredible dishes too!)however, now I'm facing the challenge of creating a gluten free weight loss menu for myself! I love this chicken recipe in the slow cooker, thanks for the idea. I'll replace the butter with a bit of light olive oil and use some nice italian veggies with sweet basil, anisette, garlic, oregano and a little tomato sauce with the broth. Can't wait to try it!

Please drop by the prairie to say howdy and to follow along, I do write about some of my recipes in the book but later in deeper chapters, I will be discussing my diagnosis of celiac disease and how all of that drama happened!

Wishing you well and many more happy meals!

Susie Rosso Wolf

Lara said...

Glad I ran into your blog! I often want ideas for gluten free stuff because I'm a wee intolerant...not to mention I love making gluten free baked goods. Those pancakes looks so yummy!


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