July 31, 2010

Gluten Free Toasted Ham and Swiss

Not so long ago my good friend Melanie surprised me with an amazing loaf of herbed gluten free bread. It was soft and moist, and unlike most GF breads on the market, it didn't even need to be heated to be edible. However, I couldn't help myself from rushing home to make a grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwich.  It was AWESOME!!  It was total gourmet!  I was in heaven.

The bread was from a mix by Gluten Free Pantry "French Bread"  To the box ingredients she added 5 tblsps dried Italian herbs. The loaf was baked in her, new and increasingly well-used bread machine.  I'm not fibbing when I tell you the grilled sandwiches I made from the bread made me forget how much I missed my once easy-access to fresh loaves of bread. Thanks Melanie!!

If you have gluten sensitivity issues, do yourself a favor and buy a good bread maker, some top shelf bread mixes, and get a bakin'  There's no excuse any more to deny ourselves the joys of fresh bread and grilled cheese sandwiches!

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Jen said...

I was reading your gluten story...and I have similar symptoms now...CONSTANT headaches, soemtimes a sick stomach...but I am super sensitive to light and the computer screen. I have been gluten free for almost a month and have had no relief...but it's still possible it's gluten according ot my doctor. I really appreciate you putting that online...you have probably helped so many people. I hope you are feeling better these days!!!! Thanks again.


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